Starting with an introduction into basic discrete mathematics, in particular graphtheory, we will turn on to explore their application in biology. The lecture will include topics like: RNA (e.g. folding, combinatorial problems), phylogentics, phenotypespaces (graphproducts ). The special lecture should prepare students for master and Ph.D. theses at the interface between biological problems, bioinformatics and discrete mathematics.


Dr. Marc Hellmuth


Tilen Marc

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Wednesday, 23.10.2013 // 2 pm, Building E2.1, Room 007
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Tuesday, 12.11.2013 // 2pm, Building E2.1, Room 001
2 weekly - same room - same time; except it is stated differently in News


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14.01. The oral exam will be on Friday, 24.01.2014. Students that have not been registered for the exam in the lecture should write an email to Dr. Marc Hellmuth
20.11. Lecture on 27.11. is cancelled. Next lecture on 4.12.
Tutorial on 26.11. is cancelled. Next tutorial on 3.12.
22.10. Added Lecture Notes


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22.10. Lecture Notes by Anna Feldmann

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23.10. Organisation PDF
Outline Lecture 1 (Cracking the Genetic Code) PDF
30.10. Outline Lecture 1 + 2 (Intro Graphs) PDF
06.11. Outline Lecture 3 (Phenotypes and Characters) PDF
20.11. Outline Lecture 3 + 4 + 5 (Graph Products) PDF
20.11. Outline Lecture 5 (Approximate Graph Products) PDF
11.12. Outline Lecture 6 + 7 (RNA Structures) PDF
18.12. Outline Lecture 8 (Complexity) PDF
08.01. Outline Lecture 9+10 (Phylogenetics) PDF


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